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es from obiwan kenobi the great general who starred in the clone wars.

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Hello there searching for the best obi wan kenobi es heres a list of the most famous lines of the most influential jedi master of star wars.

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Star wars the last jedi was the perfect opportunity to bring obiwan kenobis force ghost back into the fold why didnt lucasfilm do it.

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Span classnews_dt08092017spannbsp018332close your eyes and play your favorite movie e in your head now imagine that same e only obiwan kenobi is saying it and you can choose.

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Span classnews_dt13092016spannbsp018332that influence carries over into lukes interactions with other people too he takes on some aspects of obiwans personality as he grows throughout.

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obiwan kenobi taught luke skywalker that the force was an energy field created by all living things the living force represented the energies of all lifeforms and.

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